combo fire & smoke dampers

General Information & Specifications
Crimp Blade Suggested Specifications
Airfoil Blade Suggested Specifications
Airfoil Pressure Drop Test
Dimensional Data for Sleeve Mounting

Combination Fire & Smoke Damper Models

Crimp Blade Dampers
(CD)-500 Series (1 Hour Rated)
COMBO-B Combo Damper
501-A Combo Damper
501-ASL Combo Damper w/ Sleeve
501-CO, CR Combo Damper
501-C Combo Damper
501-OW Combo Out of Wall Damper
502-A Combo Damper
502-ASL Combo Damper w/ Sleeve
502-CO, CR Combo Damper
502-C Combo Damper
502-OW Combo Out of Wall Damper
CD-501-A Corridor Damper
CD-502-A Corridor Damper

550 Series (3 Hour Rated)
551-A Combo Damper
551-CR, CO Combo Damper
551-C Combo Damper
552-A Combo Damper
552-ASL Combo Damper w/ Sleeve
552-CR, CO Combo Damper
552-C Combo Damper

Airfoil Blade Dampers
600 Series (1 Hour Rated)
601-A Combo Damper
601-CO, CR Combo Damper
601-C Combo Damper
601-OW Combo Out of Wall Damper
602-A Combo Damper
602-ASL Combo Damper
602-CO, CR Combo Damper
602-C Combo Damper
602-OW Combo Out of Wall Damper

Optional Features & Actuators
Smoke Detector
Wrap Around Angles
Remote / Resettable Operator
Leader Control Panels: LCP-1 and LCP-K
PFV Pneumatic Fusible Valve
Actuator Clearance Guide
Actuators for 500 Series
Actuators for 600 Series
Siemens GGD Electronic Actuators
Honeywell MS4104, MS8104 Actuator
Honeywell MS4120F,8120F Actuator
Honeywell MS4209, 4309, 4709, 4809, 8209, 8309 Actuators
Siemens #3 Pneumatic Actuator
Siemens #4 Pneumatic Actuator
Siemens Three-way Electro-pneumatic (EP) Valve
Belimo FSNF-120 and FSNF-24 Actuators

Installation Instructions
Damper Mounted Out of Wall
Wrap Around Angles
Metal Stud Framing in Drywall Partitions
Wood Stud Framing in Drywall Partitions
Damper Mounted with Retaining Angles on One Side Only
Model D-500, 600 Series Mounted in Shaft Wall
Sealing Type A Dampers
Sealing Type C Dampers
Re openable Operators & Blade Indicators